Metal Surface Progress Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated on 31 st January 2003. The company together with its associate MSP Technology Sdn. Bhd. is dedicated to shifting paradigms and charting new horizons in core plating.

We are a dedicated provider of technical expertise and marketing know how in core plating. Unlike our erstwhile competitors, we offer a comprehensive package of services to both fresh startups and existing ventures who are striving to produce quality products at minimal costs. Products that reflect the features of our unique VIRTUOUS INTERLOCKING MANUFACTURING AND MARKETING SYSTEM (VIMMS) . A system designed to optimize your production and marketing capacities whilst maximizing profits and maintaining stringent quality standards.

Our expertise includes establishing basic, advanced as well as ancillary plant infrastructure, equipping plating ventures with the latest cutting-edge technologies, devising and implementing international standard quality control measures and marketing the finished product in both local and international markets. The hallmark if our operations is an uncompromising commitment to product excellence and quality.

Our avowed objective is to be the leading proponent of quality standards in the industry through the application of sophisticated automation technology and the utilization of internationally benchmarked quality control standards. Driven by our core philosophy of enhancing the quality of local plating initiatives and backed by a highly skilled team, MS Progress is ever ready to provide comprehensive plating solutions to a diverse group of clients. Solutions that are designed to accelerate production, optimize resources and maximize investments to generate quality products that meet the exacting demands of contemporary markets.

From plant establishment and tooling to product conceptualization, manufacture and marketing, MS Progress is your assured choice provider of quality service.
  • To meet and exceed our customers' requirements.
  • To be a technologically advanced supplier of surface finishing services.
  • To expand, exceed, and excel in the surface finishing industry.
  • To offer a one stop consulting center on surface finishing technology.


  • Using cutting edge technologies to streamline manufacturing
  • Nurturing Intensive R & D efforts to enhance quality and output
  • Establishing plant and production infrastructure
  • Drafting and implementing a comprehensive production and marketing master plan

Quality Control

  • Benchmarking standards to ensure quality products
  • Planning QC strategies to guarantee zero-defect
  • Utilising sophisticated analytical tools to maintain quality standards


  • Utilising technical expertise and product knowledge to devise branding strategies
  • Creating value through differentiation and positioning


  • Providing product marketing services at both local and regional levels.
  • Optimising existing retail and client networks to market products.
  • Recommending and drafting marketing strategies to penetrate new markets and expand current market share.

Metal Surface Progress Sdn. Bhd.

  • Mass Production of Precision Plating and Wet Paint Products
  • Turnkey Project for Chemical Process Line Setup

MSP Technology Sdn. Bhd.

  • Engineering Plastic Products and Services

Environmental, Health and Safety Policy

Quality Policy